AP14000 BL

AL-14000 BL- a One-side Aluminum foil with 4 layers. Undetachable and water-resistant. It is suitable for animal farm (e.g. chicken, duck, mushroom, etc.) which requires a frequent cleaning. It can reflect and protect the heat from sunlight up to 95%. It is good for keeping the temperature low.

The features of AP 14000-BL are as follows.
1. Reducing the building’s temperature about 3-5 degree Celsius
2. Reflecting up to 95% of heat accordingly
3. Saving energy and costs for improving the building
4. Having the long useful life without replacement and maintenance every 3 years
5. Allowing the farm to be cleaned normally
6. Low shrinkage and long life
7. Supporting domesticated animals’ growths and increasing products

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