About Us


Denyai Company Limited, (‘’Denyai’’) has registered as a limited company on 21 January 1994 (B.E. 2537). Its registration number is (3) 147/2537 with a head office located on 129/11 Moo 1 Phuthamolthon Sai 2 Road, Kwang Bang Khae Nuea, Khet Bang Khae, Bangkok 10160, tel. 02-8053616, fax 02-805-3615. The factory is located on 14 rai-3 ngan- 40 square wah at 53 Moo 2 Plouk Dang-Houw Parb, Tumbon Marbyangporn, Amphor Plouk Dang, Rayong 21140. Its fully paid-up capital is all holding by Thai shareholders.

Denyai was granted an investment promoted privileges from Board of Investment (BOI) on 22 March 1994 (B.E.2537), certificate number 1175/2537, for the business radiant barrier foil, heat and cool protective foil, and adhesive tape. In addition, our products have been received the QSME from the Thai Industrial Standards institute (TISI) on 8 August 2003 (B.E.2546) to guarantee the good quality for the distribution to government agencies as to promote the domestic consumption of Thai products.

Our history:
In 1994 , our management team had seen the opportunities in Thailand, which is the tropical country with all year-round hot and humid conditions. Moreover, due to the tendency of climate change and global warming, in certain, Thailand has a tendency to be much warmer due to these effects in the coming years.

Based on these facts, our co-founder has started to study how they can support the community. They then focused the study on a radiant barrier foil sheet to be specifically used for housing and accommodation. They found that, during day-time, the heat from the sun has been accumulated insides the house, making the room temperature higher. This requires a strong operation from the air-conditioner to make room temperature cooling down. This also causes high consumption and high cost of the electricity. Therefore, the objective is to keep the house cool, heat reflective foil under the roof would be the answer. We contacted Florida of institute and technology for the basic knowledge and develop our product to give a strong reflection to the sunlight and protect the heat not to directly come into the house. As a result, the temperature within the house is kept cool during the day-time and never absorb the heat from the sunlight. The cost of the electricity remains low, and the useful life of the air conditioner can be also prolonged.


Our contribution and involvement to the society:
Denyai has put a lot effort and intensively cooperated with the government agencies and other entities both domestic and overseas to continue our study and to reach our accomplishment. Finally, we had started operation from prototype and became the first company in Thailand to produce a heat reflective sheet made from aluminum foil under our commercial name of ‘AEROFOIL’.  The specialty of our product is to protect the heat up to 95% (most heat reflective made from aluminum foil).